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Angel by Michelle Dups

Angel – Sanctuary Series #2 | Paperback

Angel - Sanctuary Series #2 | Paperback


Journey through the pages of ‘Angel,’ the second book in Michelle Dups’ Sanctuary series, available in paperback. This story of love, family, and overcoming adversity follows Lottie and Kyle as they navigate the complexities of heart and home, revealing the unexpected paths to belonging and happiness.

Delve into ‘Angel,’ the second captivating book in Michelle Dups’ Sanctuary series, now beautifully presented in a paperback edition. This story unfolds the journey of Lottie, a woman who has long felt like an outsider, and Kyle, a man weighed down by familial responsibilities.

Lottie’s world turns upside down when she encounters Kyle under extraordinary circumstances. Struggling with her father’s inexplicable disdain, Lottie finds herself in a dangerous situation, only to discover solace and acceptance in a place she least expects. Kyle, managing the family farm, finds in Lottie a beacon of hope and a chance to alleviate the burdens he carries.

‘Angel’ is a touching narrative that explores the dynamics of family, the power of love, and the courage to face life’s challenges. The paperback format of this novel offers readers the classic and cherished experience of holding a story in their hands, turning each page with anticipation and connection to the characters’ lives.

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