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Rogue Book by Michelle Dups

Rogue – Crow MC Series #3 | E-Book

Rogue - Crow MC Series #3 | E-Book


Discover ‘Rogue,’ the captivating third installment in Michelle Dups’ Crown MC series, now in an e-book format. A story of passion, suspense, and heartfelt drama, this book is perfect for those who enjoy an intense, emotionally charged romance.

Engage with the gripping narrative of ‘Rogue,’ the third exhilarating book in Michelle Dups’ Crown MC series, now available as an e-book. This novel weaves a tale of love, destiny, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of life’s challenges.

‘Rogue’ plunges readers into a world where a military hero confronts the tumult of a village enmeshed in crime while grappling with personal demons and an unexpected romance. This story not only explores the external conflicts of a community in turmoil but also delves into the internal struggles of its central characters.

The convenience and accessibility of the e-book format bring this compelling story right to your fingertips. Perfect for readers who cherish romance with a dose of suspense and drama, ‘Rogue’ offers a thrilling and heart-rending journey that you can embark on from anywhere, at any time.

Rogue Book - Crow MC Series - By Michelle Dups