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Wild & Free by Michelle Dups

Wild & Free – Sanctuary | Paperback

Wild & Free - Sanctuary | Paperback


Explore the heart of Africa in ‘Wild & Free,’ the first book of Michelle Dups’ Sanctuary series, now in paperback. Join Dex and Reggie in a tale of love, responsibility, and finding where you truly belong, set against the backdrop of Africa’s untamed beauty.

“Immerse yourself in ‘Wild & Free,’ the first enchanting installment of Michelle Dups’ Sanctuary series, now available in a captivating paperback edition. This novel invites you on a journey with characters whose lives are as untamed and spirited as the African wilderness they inhabit.

In this story, Dex, burdened with the responsibilities of being the family’s anchor since a young age, finds an unexpected chance at love and companionship. Meanwhile, Reggie, a small animal vet, seeks a new beginning, only to find herself intertwined in a destiny far beyond her expectations. Their worlds collide under the vast African sky, setting the stage for a story of love, discovery, and the true meaning of family.

This paperback edition of ‘Wild & Free’ offers the tangible joy of a physical book, allowing readers to connect deeply with the story’s emotional twists and turns. It’s a perfect addition to any book collection and a must-read for those who cherish romance set against the backdrop of nature’s unbridled beauty.

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