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Julie by Author Michelle Dups

Julie – Sanctuary Series #3 | Paperback

Julie – Sanctuary Series #3 | Paperback


Dive into ‘Julie,’ a compelling narrative from Michelle Dups’ Sanctuary series, now in paperback. This combined third and fourth installment takes readers on a heartfelt journey of discovery, exploring the transformative power of love and the true meaning of family beyond blood ties.

Step into the world of ‘Julie,’ the enthralling third and fourth combined installment of the Sanctuary series by Michelle Dups, now available in a touching paperback edition. This volume invites you on an intimate journey through the lives of characters grappling with the intricacies of love, secrets, and the essence of true family.

Julie’s story, one of feeling unseen within her biological family, takes a dramatic turn when she finds herself in the company of a mated couple who introduce her to a life she never imagined. Here, Julie discovers the power of belonging and the depth of connections that transcend blood.

Meanwhile, Joel, struggling under the weight of his responsibilities, finds an unexpected ray of hope when Julie enters his life, offering a chance to balance duty with desire. Their stories intertwine in a narrative that explores the strength of love and the resilience needed to maintain it.

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