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Author Michelle Dups’ journey began in Zambia, a vibrant heart in Southern Central Africa. Raised on a cattle farm, surrounded by the rich, untamed beauty of nature, her childhood was a tapestry of vivid landscapes and cultural diversity. This unique upbringing, spanning several African nations including South Africa and Zimbabwe, enriched her perspective, igniting a deep well of creativity that would fuel her writing. Enriched by family excursions to awe-inspiring places like Lake Kariba and Victoria Falls, her experiences mirrored the expansive and wild spirit of the African plains.

In the comforting shadows of acacia trees, under the tutelage of her grandmother on their family farm, Michelle found her first love in the pages of Mills and Boon novels. This early exposure to the romance genre kindled a lifelong passion for storytelling. 

Now residing in the picturesque setting of the UK’s Jane Austen country, Michelle juxtaposes her life as a dedicated Virtual Assistant by day with her true calling as a fervent wordsmith by night. Here, amidst the rolling hills and historic villages, she weaves her rich heritage and vivid imagination into stories that resonate with readers across the globe. Her journey from the African expanse to the literary corners of the UK has been nothing short of a remarkable odyssey, inspiring her to craft narratives that are as boundless as her own life’s journey.

About Author Michelle Dups



I have always been restless, not content to stay in one place for too long. The military helped, but once I was home and the ACES were no more, I again felt the need to be on the move.
That was until I found her.
She grounded me.
I needed her like I needed to breathe.
My Lady!

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