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Called back home from the military to a village overrun by crime, my father in a coma in the hospital. My family and our businesses threatened. The last thing I expected during all the turmoil was to meet the perfect woman. Discover more of Michelle Dups Books...
Two lonely souls finally find each other. Dex - As the oldest of the family, he has been the sole one in charge of his family since the age of nineteen. His responsibilities are great, and he comes to realise he is tired and lonely with not a lot of free time for himself...Discover more of Michelle Dups Books...



They live in the town of Fitheach not far from the village of Feannag in the New Forest, UK.

You met them in Reaper. You came to love them in Dragon. They’ve had ties with the Crows for many years. Rhett O’Shea married Noni and then divorced her when he went to prison, nearly breaking her.

Liam O’Shea the second eldest of the O’Shea’s. He’s now the unofficial head of the family. A position he never wanted but had to fill with Rhett no longer able to. His main aim is to ensure his family stays together and takes their family from gun running to legitimate businesses with the help of the Crows.

He runs two nightclubs, Ozone and Atomic, both are co-owned with the Crow MC, it’s not where he ever thought he’d be, but he’s determined to make it work.

Adam O’Shea he was the first to jump on board when Liam decided that they had to go legit. He’d been the enforcer in their family and found that his old job had given him the right training for O’Shea Security. He still runs the same team but now instead of cracking heads and acting as security on gun runs, they’re securing houses, providing bouncers and acting as bodyguards to the rich and famous.

Johnny O’Shea the fun loving one. Being third in line meant he didn’t have the responsibilities of his older brothers. He’d carried on doing what he did best and that was networking, smoothing over deals, massaging egos, and ensuring his family always came out on top. Running The Lounge made him happy. He loved his new position. He had everything he loved in one place, elegance, good music, booze, women galore.  What nobody realised was that he went through woman in hopes that he’d eventually find the one. He wasn’t like his brothers he’d always wanted a woman and a family to call his own.

It couldn’t just be the Crows who had luck in finding the one. Surely, the luck of the Irish would hold true for him.

#7 Book by author Michelle Dups
From the Crow MC series.  

Immerse yourself in ‘Noni,’ the deeply moving seventh book in Michelle Dups’ Crow MC series, now available in a captivating paperback edition. This installment weaves a tale of love, loss, and personal redemption, offering readers an emotional journey that resonates long after the final page.

In ‘Noni,’ we meet a woman whose life was torn apart when she lost the love of her life in her early twenties. Her heart, broken by decisions made without her consent, begins to heal with the support of her family. When she meets a good man, she realizes she can’t give him the love he deserves, as her heart still belongs to another. Choosing to set him free, Noni embarks on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Roaming the world to ease the ache in her soul, Noni faces new challenges that push her to her limits. Each decision she makes carries consequences, but ultimately, they lead her to a place of strength and renewal. This unique story in the Crow MC series stands apart with its deep emotional narrative and the promise of an unexpected, yet fulfilling, happy ending.

For full enjoyment and understanding of Noni’s journey, reading ‘Reaper’ first is recommended. Dive into this powerful tale and experience the raw emotions and profound growth that define Michelle Dups’ storytelling.

Michelle Dups Books

Embark on a dual journey of love and desire with Michelle Dups books.

In the adrenaline-fueled CROW MC series, explore the rugged terrain of Reaper’s best-selling tale and the magnetic allure of Onyx, Rogue, Draco, and Dragon.

Surrender to the untamed passion of the Sanctuary Series Wild and Free, where Angel, Julie, Amy, and The Russos unravel stories of wild love amidst the drama.

Michelle Dups invites you to a world where the open road and untamed wilderness become the backdrop for love stories that captivate, enthrall, and leave hearts racing. Immerse yourself in romance that knows no boundaries, where each page is a journey into the thrilling unknown.

CROW MC - Series


Called back home from the military to a village overrun by crime, my father in a coma in the hospital. My family and our businesses threatened. The last thing I expected during all the turmoil was to meet the perfect woman.
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I knew when she walked into our classroom at age 14, she was mine. I lost her in my twenties. I found her again in my thirties and this time I wasn’t letting go. Can we fix all that broke us, the secrets and lies?
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I have always been restless, not content to stay in one place for too long. The military helped, but once I was home and the ACES were no more, I again felt the need to be on the move.
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Like all the Crow men before me, I knew as soon as I saw my Firecracker that she was mine. Our fate was sealed. Then I opened my big mouth and she proceeded to put me in my place.
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As a favour, I'm asked to keep in touch with a friends family member in the USA. One phone call that’s all it took for my whole world to be turned upside down and weeks of agonising as she is nearly taken from me.
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Our love was a quiet one. No angst, no drama, no stalkers, drug dealers, or past history to deal with for us. My days were long, running our family pub and pitching in with our other businesses. I was the one that my family turned to when they needed help and advice.
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I met the love of my life in my early twenties. I thought we’d be together forever. Instead, we were ripped apart. Decisions were made without my consent, and I broke. My family put me back together. Then I met a man. A good man, one of the best. But I couldn’t give him what he needed.
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Monroe was an unanswered question fir me after reading Noni. I can't tell you how thrilled I am that this author has given us the gift of his story. It's a fantastic, fast-paced, quick read that ties up everything beautifully and everything comes full circle by the end. Make sure to get this great little novella after you finish Noni.
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Michelle Dups Books


Wild & Free

Two lonely souls finally find each other. Dex - As the oldest of the family, he has been the sole one in charge of his family since the age of nineteen.
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She is an unloved daughter, hated by her father. Their meeting is fated, he takes one look at her and knows he will do anything to love and protect her.
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Julie I have always been an afterthought to my biological family, the one that was hidden away. I never in a million years thought they would do me harm. By chance I am filling in as a nurse in the hospital just outside the city where I meet a mated couple.
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Amy I’m keeping secrets from my mates and it’s slowly eroding our relationship. Eventually something has to give. A woman familiar with both my mates, arrives in our part of the world sparking a chain reaction.
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The Russos

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Michelle Dups Books

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Michelle Dups Books

This is a new author for me and I absolutely loved this book great job now on to the next one!!

Reaper Book

Kindle Customer

I'm hoping there is more to come on this great series. I loved that it was based in Africa! I can wait to see what trouble Has and her friends bring!

Amy Book by Michelle Dups

Reviewed in the United States on April 12, 2023

Started with the "Crow MC" series that was truly am,can't wait for next in series. Then I found your Sanctuary series and I am one happy woman. What's better than bikers and shifters. I just finished "Angel" on to number three. Keep them coming and I will definitely keep buying and reading them.

Angel Book by Michelle Dups

Kindle Customer

Great continuation to the series. Love how the couples get through their issues and love 5he big non biological family

Onyx Book by Michelle Dups

Kindle Customer