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By Michelle Dups

The Crow MC Series

Expert in Romance and creator of unforgettable sensual tales.

Rev your engines for The Crow MC Series Books, an adrenaline-fueled collection of tales by Michelle Dups. Navigate the open road, danger, and the intoxicating allure of love with each turn of the page. Whether in paperback or ebook format, these novels immerse you in the gripping world of motorcycle clubs, passion, and the thrill of the ride. Join the brotherhood, experience the roar of the engines, and let The Crow MC Series transport you into a riveting world where danger and desire collide.

  • Book #1: Reaper
  • Book #2: Onyx
  • Book #3: Rogue
  • Book #4: Draco
  • Book #5: Dragon


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The Crow MC Series