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Onyx Book by Author Michelle Dups

Onyx – Crow MC Series #2 | Paperback

Onyx – Crow MC Series #2 | Paperback


Experience the poignant journey of ‘Onyx,’ the second installment in Michelle Dups’ Crown MC series, now in paperback. A story of enduring love and second chances, ‘Onyx’ is perfect for readers who enjoy deeply emotional and captivating romantic tales.

Delve into ‘Onyx,’ the compelling second book in Michelle Dups’ Crown MC series, now available in an engaging paperback edition. This novel intricately blends elements of second-chance romance, emotional depth, and captivating characters, creating a rich and immersive reading experience.

In ‘Onyx,’ witness a tale of love rekindled under the most challenging circumstances. As past and present collide, the story explores the resilience of love and the enduring power of connections formed in youth. Follow the journey of characters as they navigate through layers of past heartbreaks, secrets, and the quest for redemption.

This paperback edition offers the tactile joy of a physical book, adding a deeper dimension to your reading experience. The feel of turning each page heightens the emotional stakes and the intensity of the narrative, making ‘Onyx’ a must-have for anyone who cherishes a powerful and moving romance story.

Onyx Book By Michelle Dups​

Onyx Book By Michelle Dups